Through steady and calculated growth, London Property Corp.  has built/acquired and manages properties in London, Guelph, Toronto, Kamloops, Chatham, Oshawa, Orillia, North Bay, Owen Sound, Belleville, Thunder Bay, and Waterloo.  London Property Corp has a “build and hold” philosophy with less than a 10% turnover of properties since its inception.  Currently, London Property Corp. houses over 6,500 students across the country and has an interest in a property management company, Campus Living Centres that manages housing for over 8,500 students.

Our company’s success can be, in part, attributed to our track record of efficiency, cost effectiveness, and our ability to meet deadlines.  We have managed the construction of well over 2 million square feet of residential rental space and have never missed a move-in date.  

London Property Corp. is a company committed to aggressive but steady growth. New Tour